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Allocated on Arrival

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Allocated on Arrival Ski Holidays offer excellent value for money.  There are two types of allocated on arrival ski holidays. You could be allocated to your resort on arrival meaning that you simply know you are flying into a particular airport (e.g. you could fly to Innsbruck and be allocated to any Austrian resort or hotel).  The second type of allocated on arrival ski holiday guarantees the resort but your accommodation is allocated on arrival. Often a minimum standard hotel will be guaranteed e.g. 3 star. So check this at the time of booking.

If you have your heart set on visiting a particular resort but don't mind which hotel you stay in, an allocated on arrival ski holiday will usually be cheaper than named accommodation holidays to the same resort. Particularly in countries such as Canada where you can feel pretty safe that all the accommodation is going to be of a decent minimum standard, booking an allocated on arrival ski deal can offer cost savings.

To search for an allocated on arrival ski holiday, you can use the holiday search on this page - remember to tick to "include allocated on arrival" in your search results. Alternatively please feel free to contact our ski holiday specialists who have access to a range of additional allocated on arrival ski holidays and should be able to find you a deal to suit your requirements.

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