Beginners Guide to Skiing

Beginners Guide to Skiing

Welcome to our Beginner's Ski Guide. Since you're here, it's probably safe to bet that you're thinking of braving the slopes for the first time. Naturally, there's a lot to think about, and this Beginner's Ski Guide is designed to help you through those nervous few steps.

Preparation is the key

It does help if you prepare for your skiing holiday by taking some exercise, as you will discover some muscles that you never knew you had. Doing some squats everyday can help to tone up the thigh muscles and will help to ease the strain placed on these muscles during your first few days on the slopes. As a beginner, you are unlikely to be giving yourself a total body workout; however, things will be so much easier if you're in good shape.

It may be worthwhile getting a head-start on your peers by taking some lessons at an indoor ski slope. There are a few indoor real-snow ski slopes in the UK, and plenty of outdoor dry slopes which will exercise the same muscles that you use during skiing on snow.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect Like most things, the more practice you put in, the more rewards you reap. It is also a lot safer than many people think. So long as you stick to the marked pistes and follow your instructor's advice, it is easy to reach a good balance between safety and exhilaration.

Learning to Ski
Learning to Ski
When learning to ski, it is highly recommend that you undertake some form of ski instruction, particularly if you don't want to be heading straight to the nearest A&E!
Why Ski?
Why Ski
The first thing many people may ask is 'Why go skiing?'; this is roughly translated as 'What possesses you to fling yourself down a mountain on two planks of wood?'.
When to go
When to go Skiing
The main skiing season runs from the end of November through to Easter, with conditions varying wildly depending on the time of year. As a general rule, the earlier you go, the better the snow.
Best beginner's ski resorts
Best Beginners Ski Resorts
Skiing is great fun regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner. However, the resort you choose for your beginner's ski holiday can have a dramatic impact on both your enjoyment and your level of progression.
What to take
What to Take
One thing that beginners often needlessly worry about is what to take skiing. Due to the inescapable fact that ski clothing can be pretty pricey to buy, it has been recommended that people hitting the slopes for the first time should rent their equipment.
Apres Ski
The ski experience does not begin and end on the slopes. Indeed, for most skiers, it extends far beyond that. Try sipping a hot chocolate in a mountain restaurant or drinking a beer in your full ski gear and you will see what I mean.
Pronunciation guide
Pronunciation guide
To help you sound like a true ski professional we have prepared this handy guide to pronouncing the more difficult ski resort names. This fool-proof guide will soon have you speaking with confidence and assuming the air of a hardened skier.