The before and after

The ski experience does not begin and end on the slopes. Indeed, for most skiers, it extends far beyond that. Try sipping a hot chocolate in a mountain restaurant or drinking a beer in your full ski gear and you will see what I mean. Many people beginning to ski are surprised by the camaraderie that develops during group ski lessons, and, more particularly, during the heavy après-ski sessions! A strong group spirit tends to quickly form, with most people out for the same thing – good skiing and good times!

Party time but not as we know it

Après-ski Après-ski is basically an excuse to have a few drinks after a hard day on the slopes. It is not an excuse to dress up as though you are going for a night out in Ayia Napa. You would think this would be stating the obvious, but it is surprising to see the amount of people who go out in short skirts and heels. Quite what they are expecting is anyone's guess, however as soon as you see them sliding through the streets like bambi on ice, you will soon realise that going for the sensible option of boots and a warm jacket was a very wise choice.