Why go skiing?

It's all about the excitement

The first thing many people may ask is 'Why go skiing?'; this is roughly translated as 'What possesses you to fling yourself down a mountain on two planks of wood?'. The simple answer is, it's fun! The adrenalin rush of skiing is second to none. The excitement of gathering speed as you slide through soft snow is remarkable. So much so, that it is easy to forget about how you're going to stop once you reach the bottom! You'll be having so much fun, that it will not be until the next day that you realise exactly what you've been putting your body through. Your calves ache from the tightness of your ski boots, your thighs ache from your stance as you hurtle down the slope, your wrists ache from gripping onto your poles for dear life, and depending on how good your balance is, your bum may well ache from the amount of times you've fallen over!

Stick at it, you'll be richly rewarded!

There are few things as satisfying as the first time you manage to ski down to the bottom of a run and successfully stop yourself. Looking back up the mountain that you have just raced down, however slight the slope, never fails to leave you with a feeling of deep smugness and immense respect for the power of nature.

On top of this, there really is nothing like the cold fresh mountain air blowing on your face combined with the midday sun beating down on you. A strange juxtaposition of weather conditions that is hard to believe when you first go skiing. The whole idea of being surrounded by snow, yet still managing to catch sun burn is yet another of the quirky charms of skiing. It really feels like you're in another world, and the chances are that you'll be concentrating so hard on not falling over, that you may as well be on another planet. Skiing really is the perfect way to get away from all your troubles!

Skiing attracts all ages, shapes and sizes.

Why go skiing? One thing that may surprise beginners is the wide range of people who ski, with everyone from kindergarteners through to 70 year olds hurtling down the slopes – usually with more confidence and style than you! Likewise, skiing is not solely the domain of the super-skinny, with an enjoyable array of all shapes and sizes to be found, ensuring that whatever your body shape, you will not feel self-conscious.