Northern lights holidays

Northern Lights holidays in Norway are a truly inspirational sight. Indeed, those who are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights readily admit that they are without doubt one of the most astounding natural spectacles in this world. Northern Light holidays in Norway are a superb place to view the Northern Lights, largely thanks to Norway’s dark, clear skies and low light pollution

Our Northern Lights holidays in Norway are led by Nigel Bradbury who is a fellow of The Royal Astronomical Society and an expert astronomer. These Northern Lights trips are for small and exclusive groups and help you to experience the captivating beauty of the Troms Region of North Norway.

It's all about the timing.

The best time to visit the Northern Lights are in January, February and March and so our Northern Lights holidays are tailored around these dates. These Northern Lights trips will usually include at least one night in Tromsø. Being a natural phenomena, there can be no guarantees, yet with our carefully selected optimum times there is a reasonable possibility of experiencing this awe-inspiring sight.