Skiing holidays Norway

Skiing holidays in Norway, and particularly the Tromso ski region, have the advantage of being in such a northerly location that the snow stretches right to sea level. The more coastal ski resort s in Norway offer slightly warmer temperatures than inland and thus have slightly shorter ski seasons. Skiing holidays in Norway tend to begin in early November and can last until early May depending on location and altitude.

Tromso ski resorts in Norway are an excellent choice if you like to ski surrounded by stunning and untouched scenery. Off-piste skiing is widely available as well as cross country skiing and snowmobile treks. Skiing holidays in Norway boast good quality and reliable snow, with the Tromso Region beautifully combining a created ski resort setting with true wilderness and amazing scenery.

Good for families

Skiing holidays in Norway are perfect for family ski holidays, particularly in the resort of Målselv which boasts a long season of good snow.