Whale watching

Whale watching in Norway offers a spectacular and once-in-a-liftetime opportunity to witness Humpback, Minky and Orca whales in their natural habitat. Northern Norway boasts some of the best whale watching points in Northern Europe. Our trips operate from a variety of ports although Tromsø tends to offer the greatest variety.

Whale watching holidays in Norway are typically run during the spring and summer months although increasingly trips during the autumn and winter months are blessing visitors with numerous sightings of the spectacular Killer Whales.

Whale watching in Norway is usually centred around the Senja, Lyngen and Kvaenangen areas, although it is also possible to do some springer whale, porpoise and dolphin spotting on the coast of Norway. The scenery on these whale watching trips is breathtaking and the chance to watch Killer Whales in their natural environment is truly remarkable.